Passionate about… Results-Driven-Global-Relationships.

The World is a big place, but it is getting smaller everyday – thanks to the Freedom of the Internet and Global Economic Growth.

Verus llc was founded with the idea of helping genuine, vetted manufacturers around the globe connect with sincere people in new and existing markets – allowing companies to introduce their Products and Services into new demographics.

Meaning of the Latin word Verus?
actual, authentic, fair, fair-minded, genuine, honest,
just, legitimate, proper, real, reasonable, right,
sincere, substantial, true, veracious.


Verus develops the ‘right’ methodologies utilizing the latest emerging demographic technologies; we strive to do all kinds of awesome things for the import-export community.

Located in Raleigh, North Carolina on planet Earth, the creative minds at Verus help facilitate authentic marketing initiatives for manufacturers wanting better ideas for understanding the ever-changing consumer landscape

Results are substantial and confidential for each individual partner-client.